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New Buckroe Fishing Pier

Buckroe Fishing Pier

The new Buckroe Beach Fishing Pier replaces the old wooden fishing pier destroyed by Hurricane Isabel in 2003. The City of Hampton rebuilt and operates the pier and it opened for business on May 30th 2009. Construction began March 14th 2008 and is in the same location as the previous pier, it measures 709 feet in length and is 16 feet wide, it includes restrooms, a snack bar, and a bait shop. The pier is constructed with concrete pilings and beams with wooden decking and railings which should help it withstand heavy winter storms and hurricanes. The estimated cost of rebuilding the pier was approximately 4.1 million and the pier is already gaining a reputation for it’s excellent Cobia fishing.

Buckroe Fishing Pier

Fort Monroe – Old Point Comfort Light

Today, November 1st 2011, President Barack Obama signed a proclamation designating Fort Monroe as a National Monument. The Army decommissioned the instilation and transferred their facilities to Fort Eustis on September 15, 2011. The six sided fort, surrounded by a moat, was the last active fort in the Army before it’s decommissioning and was named for US President James Monroe. Fortifications were first erected on the location in 1609. The point of land containing Fort Monroe has long been valued as a strategic location to protect Hampton Roads, the confluence of the Elizabeth, Nansemond, and James Rivers with the Chesapeake Bay. With the decommissioning of the fort access to the property is no longer restricted to military personnel, the image below is of the Old Point Comfort Light located on the property of the Fort. I took this image in early October 2011 shortly after the property was opened to the public.

Old Point Comfort Light

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